Alloy and Speciality Fabrication

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Academy is an experienced leader in alloy and specialty fabrication.

Whatever your needs, we can get the job done on-time and with the highest quality craftsmanship in our expansive and advanced facilities. We can fabricate or segregate stainless steel and alloy materials, fabricate Barred Tee’s and Baffle Plates, and we also have the capabilities and experience to do Underground Fabrication for various Pipeline companies.

Academy has experienced tig welders on staff, and numerous procedures to ensure that stainless steel spools are pacified, chrome welds maintain heat inputs, and large bore valves are free from debris.

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Services & Capabilities

  • Segregate and fabricate Stainless Steel and Alloy materials
  • Barred Tee Fabrication
  • Baffle Plates
  • Underground Fabrication for various Pipeline companies

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