Our Values Drive Your Success


Who We Are

Mission and Vision

At Academy, we strive to be industry leaders to provide the highest level of success to our clients. 

Since 1995, we have tirelessly pushed to create processes, bring people together, and through strong leadership develop the problem-solving mindsets to succeed. As a company, we are dedicated to teamwork, respect, integrity, and accountability. We are proud to share these values with everyone we employ and work with, from the most talented tradespeople and technical specialists to vendors and sub-contractors.

We undertake all projects intending to build effective, positive and long-lasting relationships. Approaching each new project as a collaboration with our client is critical to achieving this goal.

Able to Meet Your Fabrication Needs

State of the Art Facilities & Space

With over 110,000 square feet of fabrication facilities between Onoway and Edmonton, the Academy Group of Companies is well established
to support projects of all sizes and scopes. 

We have the capacity to fabricate, hydro test and ship 14,000 factored diameter inches of piping and 100,000 lbs of structural steel per week.

About Academy Fabricators - Industrial Pipeline, Pipespool, & Structural Fabrication - Alberta, Canada 1
About Academy Fabricators - Industrial Pipeline, Pipespool, & Structural Fabrication - Alberta, Canada 2

Your One-stop-shop

Delivering Complete Excellence

Over the years, we have developed a strong understanding of the challenges our clients typically face throughout the completion of various projects. It’s through that experience we have matured from an industry-leading pipe spool fabricator to an industry-leading complete project value add partner.


We hold our relationships with our Indigenous employees and their communities in high regard and are continuously making efforts to build up a solid foundation for the future. We acknowledge the importance of the diversity and inclusion with Indigenous Peoples in Canadian organizations and the significance of being in good relations amongst Indigenous Peoples, Canadians, and Employers.


Our top priority is our commitment to a safe working environment. We achieve this by providing a system of policies, procedures, and practices that encourage continuous improvement of all Health, Safety, and Environment program elements. It is critical that everyone gets home safely to those they care about.


We have been a trusted and committed partner working with our clients to provide the highest quality and most competitive solutions in Western Canada for over 25 years. Our tradespeople and weld procedures are qualified under ASME and CSA, and our Quality Program is registered with CWB, TSASK, and ABSA. This allows us to supply quality fabrication across Canada.



Let's Work Together

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and go out of our way to ensure an effective, positive, and lasting working relationship is developed and maintained. Please reach out to us and let us share with you how we can work together for success.