Local & Indigenous

Relationships matter to us.

At Academy, we care about the communities we work, live, and do business in. This means building authentic, strong, and long-lasting relationships with the local indigenous people in our communities. It is important to us to make positive contributions and help our communities thrive.

One Team

We treat our employees, contractors, and clients as essential to the Academy team because we believe in fostering a sense of belonging. We strive to create a tight- knit community within Academy, where everyone feels valued. Recognizing and respecting the different backgrounds and experiences of the people we work with is ingrained in our corporate culture, where we match our words with actions.

Our commitment to relationships and community is built into our business strategy and operations. We view our company’s competitiveness and the vitality of the communities we operate in as mutually dependent.

  • We are true to our local roots and have a long-term approach to local employment, seeking to proactively maintain the strongest percentage of local workforce as possible.
  • We invest in our communities, maintain an active presence, and donate to local causes and programs.
  • We extend our certified equipment operation and first aid training to non-employees to better serve the industry and enhance safety.

Indigenous Relations

Like all our relationships, Academy greatly values our connections with Indigenous First Nations. We hold our partnerships with them in high regard and are consistently striving to enhance the solid foundation we have cultivated over time. Our leadership regularly meet with local First Nation Councils and we reach out directly to First Nations to share apprenticeship and employment opportunities. Our focus on Indigenous Relations has been recognized by major projects, businesses, and
our local community.

At Academy, we recognize that diversity and Indigenous contributions make us a more effective team:

  • Over 20% of our workforce identify as Indigenous.
  • We have Indigenous representation throughout our company.
  • We have Indigenous agreements with multiple First Nations in Western Canada.
  • Our Charter for Indigenous Inclusion & Engagement reflects our value of, and commitment to, diversity, local content, and Indigenous engagement and employment.

Academy always tracks, records, and reports the Indigenous employee hours on projects.


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