Structural Fabrication Services

Your One-Stop Shop.

Structural Fabrication Services done in-house by Academy’s shop can handle a wide variety of jobs of different scale and complexity. Every product reflects the same industry-leading standards and quality we are known for in pipeline fabrication. Clients turn to us to take advantage of the convenience and economy we offer as a single source for fabrication and project needs.

Our Facilities and Expertise

We have grown and expanded our structural facilities and services, so we can fabricate diverse types of products, provide supporting processes, and maintain end-to-end control over quality and production. While our structural facilities complement our piping services, we also provide structural fabrication for other industries.

Our team has the tools, technology, experience, and expertise to meet your complex structural fabrication needs, delivered in top quality, on time, and with exceptional responsive service throughout the process.

  • For larger jobs, we can expand beyond our dedicated structural fabrication building and leverage other on-site facilities to complete production.
  • Our tradespeople and weld procedures are qualified under ASME and CSA, and our Quality Program is registered with CWB, TSASK, and ABSA, allowing us to supply fabrication across Canada.

Premium Tools and Technology

  • We can fabricate 100,000 lbs. of structural steel per week.
  • With our advanced FastCut CNC plasma cutting table, we can reliably ensure superior cut quality and precision.
  • Hydrostaticsaw
  • 90 Ton IronWorker
  • Drill press
  • Overhead cranes of different capacities
  • Forklifts, combilifts, and skid steers
  • Welding machines and torches

We use our customized, in-house Academy Group Information System (AGIS) database for real-time production tracking and data collection, and we partner it with Microsoft Power BI to extract, analyze, and report on the data throughout the fabrication process. The reports show clients the work progress and productivity, while sharing key metrics that can help reduce costs, improve quality, and decrease time to delivery.

To continuously improve, we have also implemented a Lessons Learned program that we use to capture data and details about projects. Staff track and reflect on processes and issues, while identifying new ways to solve problems and enhance efficiency.

By investing in superior tools and utilizing business intelligence, we consistently deliver optimal value to our clients.

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